Thursday, January 24, 2019

Hospital Bag Check List For Surrogate Mothers

 When packing your bag for the hospital there are a few key items that you do not want to forget!  By pre-packing your hospital bag a couple of weeks before you go into labor, you will have plenty of time to get all your essentials items together for the big day. 

Even though this is not your first rodeo
you can never be too prepared for bringing a little one into this world.

Our team has put together a list of essentials that you should throw into your hospital bag before running out of the house for delivery!

- Your insurance card ID or insurance documentation, this is very important to have once you are at the hospital (even if you have pre-registered).

-Photo ID and/or Drivers License. 

-Your phone is always glued to your hand but we always forget a charger! Pack one changer inside of your bag and have another on hand in case things get lost in the shuffle.

- A list of all important numbers, this is in case your cellphone dies (in case both chargers are MIA) or your phone breaks or you lose it. This list is very helpful to have on hand.

-Bring a few snacks and drinks with you.  Sometimes your favorite treats or snack can be a great pick me up, and keeping hydrated is highly important.  We know the hospital will serve you meals, but sometimes nothing beats your own tasty snacks.

-Pack a few extra comfy clothes, you can never have too many options.  You want to be comfortable throughout your stay at the hospital, you can even pack a nice soft throw blanket to keep you warm and a soft pillow as a reminder of the comfort of home.

-Bring a nice pair of non-skid slippers to walk around the hospital with and a pair of comfy shoes for when you leave.

-Along with your clothes, you don't want to forget your personal hygiene items this includes, but is not limited to; 

                                 -Tooth Paste
                                 -Mouth Wash
  •                                  -Shampoo
  •                                  -Conditioner
  •                                  -Body Wash
  •                                  -Deodorant
  •                                  -Lip balm
  •                                  -Moisturizer 
  •                                  -Hair Ties 
  •                                  -Hair Brush

-Don't forget about entertainment! Yes the hospital will have a tv, but you may want to bring a tablet or other device with you to stream your favorite shows or listen to music.  You might also want to bring some good old fashioned books and word puzzles along to keep you busy.

- After the birth it might be difficult to sleep with all the noise inside of the hospital, you might want to bring along an eye mask, earplugs and anything else to keep you comfortable through the night.

Have a safe, speedy and awesome delivery!

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