Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Halloween Painted Belly Ideas

Halloween is one of the best times of the year for the child inside all of us! (Literally for the pregnant women below!).  One day out of the year that you are encouraged to be imaginative and dress up to look like someone else or a crazy monster from out of this world, just for a good laugh, and to have a great time with your friends and neighbors.

Pregnancy does not have to slow you down in the fun department, embrace the fun! 

Here are 6 cute, fun and easy designs that you can have painted on your cute baby bump.
You can be as creative as you want, the ideas are endless!
(Post your fun pictures on our facebook page at

 1. A sweet baby giraffe, who has a baby binky in his mouth popping out of the center of the belly.

2. This is little cutie is coming out of a zipper of the belly wearing a pair of sunglasses, with baby footsteps going up the stomach.

3. Super baby smashing through a brick wall on belly, with a big greeting smile.

4. Parent fishy's smiling down on the baby fishy who has a binky in her mouth.

5. Here is a sweet baby girl growing out of the ground like a seedling, under the sunset, sleeping soundly

6. This baby is ready to pop, he is cracking through this beautiful blue egg popping his feet and little tiny hand busting through the egg.

Before painting, you want to make sure that you are using paints that are;
-FDA Approved 
-Washes off with soap and water 

Please do more research before adding any paint to your body that can potentially be harmful to the baby and yourself.

Have fun, and Happy Halloween to all our pregnant friends!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

FAQ From Potential Surrogates Pt. 1

Q: Who are Intended parents?  

A: Intended parent/parents individuals or couples who need someone else to carry their child. Some have fertility issues, some have medical conditions that do not allow for them to carry a pregnancy, and some just need the help of a third party to have a child. Other intended parents have gone through many challenging IVF cycles and have one/or more remaining embryos that they would like a surrogate mother to carry for them.

Q: Do intended Parents go through a screening process?

A: Yes, the intended parents (and gestational surrogates) go through a screening process and detailed consultations with both the fertility clinic and the surrogate agency.  This screening process is important as it ensures that all parties are healthy and able to proceed with this amazing journey.  All relevant medical issues must be known and shared with all parties before they are cleared to proceed. 

Q: How much will I be compensated for being a Surrogate?

A: You will receive payments for your efforts to be a surrogate mother. The average "compensation" can range from $30,000 to $50,000 plus expenses, based upon experience of the gestational carrier as well as negotiations during the preparation of the gestational carrier contract.  The payments are usually made monthly during a pregnancy another fees and expenses that are agreed upon are paid as well. Factors that are taken into consideration when figuring out carriers compensation are location of the carrier’s residence, experience (first time surrogate vs. 3rd-time surrogate) and the number of babies carried.

Q; What are the benefits are being a surrogate?

A: The biggest benefit of being a surrogate mother is giving the gift of life to an eager family who could not conceive on their own.  Becoming a surrogate mother takes a very special person, as you will be working with intended parents for approximately 12-15 months, will need to take medications to prepare for embryo transfer(s) and of course, will be carrying special cargo for 9+ months. The other benefit is that it can help you to provide for your own family; maybe to help buy a home, or plan for the college education for your children.  But the best benefit to you will be the satisfaction of building a family for someone else in a very special way. 

We also find that many women love being a surrogate mother because that means they get to go through the amazing experience of carrying a child all over again. Many women love being pregnant and carrying children, but do not want to raise any more children. 

What can be better than carrying another little baby, and seeing that child go to a loving, caring home with the happiest parents ever?


Q: How long does it take to be matched with Intended Parents?

A: First, we start by asking what is important to you in matching with intended parents, and if you have special requests. If you are open to working with a wide group of intended parents you will have a shorter wait time. If you are looking for more specific qualities than the wait might be a little longer. We estimate that a match can be made within about 1-6 months from the time you are fully signed on with the agency. 

Q: Is traveling needed during the Surrogacy process?

A: Traveling will need to take place for the screening visit and embryo transfer(s) if your intended parents are working with a fertility clinic that is not near your home. You will not be responsible for the travel cost. This will all be covered by the intended parents.

If working with international Intended parents, do not worry, you will not need to travel out of the country. All embryo transfers take place here in the United States.

Q: Do I need my own health insurance to go through surrogacy?

A: No, you do not need your own insurance, but it is certainly a benefit if you do have insurance. Any insurance plan you have in place will be reviewed and checked by the intended parent’s attorney to see if it will cover you for the pre-natal care through delivery of the pregnancy. If your insurance does not cover, or you do not have insurance, then we will work with you and the intended parents to find an insurance option available to cover the pregnancy, this would be at the expense of the intended parents. 

Q: When the time comes where will I be giving birth?

A: Depending on the location you will give birth at the closest hospital available to you. The hospital will be informed that you will be giving birth there, and you will register with them as you would have with your own deliveries. Once in labor, you will let the intended parents know, and they join you welcome their sweet baby into this world. 

Q: Do I Qualify to be a Surrogate Mother?

A: Here is a list of the qualifications that need to be met in order to start the surrogacy process:  
-Must be 21-43 years of age

-Delivery of at least one healthy pregnancy
-Must be a Non-smoker
-BMI should be between 21-35
-No criminal background

If you answered yes to all 5 of these qualifications, then please visit our website.

Here you will find our gestational carrier application to complete; www.ReproductivePossibilities.com

Q: Who will I be interacting with at the agency?

A: Once your application has been received and processed, you will receive a call from one of our gestational carrier coordinators who will conduct an initial interview with you, and introduce you to the process. Detailed interviews will follow.  Once you have been matched with intended parents you will be working with one person to assist you and your intended parents through the rest of your journey. She will be the one who will guide you through the entire process step by step and will be your go-to-person for anything you may need.

More FAQ'S to come :)