Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Get a Real Job, San Antonio: Be a Surrogate Mother

Get a Real Job, San Antonio: Be a Surrogate Mother

Posted By on Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 12:03 PM San Antonio Current, sacurrent.com

Get paid to bring a baby like this little dude into the world. (Flickr Creative Commons/Christopher Lance)
Whether you've got one or you need one, jobs can be a drag. So in a San Antonio Current feature, we scan local job boards to find a real gig you could have that you may never have thought of.

This week: get paid for delivering the gift of life, as advertised by this Craigslist post.

Sorry guys — this week’s “Get a Real Job, San Antonio” is strictly for the ladies. Nothing personal, but this gig requires you to be able to bear children.

It’s tough to even call this “a gig” though, because it’s clearly much more than that. Reproductive Possibilities, a surrogacy agency, is looking for women to carry couples’ children. For that undertaking, you could be compensated over $32,000, plus expenses. Here’s part of the full posting, via Craigslist:

Reproductive Possibilities, LLC is an established Surrogacy Agency that is seeking loving women to carry couples biological babies. Earn $32,000 and up! Plus all expenses paid by giving the gift of life! Help a loving and infertile couple become parents. Call our toll free #1-888-363-9457 or visit our website http://www.reproductivepossibilities.com/signin.cfm to apply.

* Between the ages of 21-43
* Non-smoker
* Have previously given birth

This isn’t like that time you needed cash and applied to be a Liberty Tax sign holder on a whim — this is a serious commitment (not to denigrate the good people at Liberty Tax and their crown-and-robe-clad employees). It’s a peculiar way to earn a wage, but an honest and vital one, too.

For more information, visit Reproductive Possibilities’ website.