Thursday, December 20, 2018

Winter Season Has Arrived

❄Who doesn't love watching the snow fall?  It creates a beautiful blanket of pure white fluff over every inch it touches! It is such a wonderful time of year. ❄

Now that winter has made its presence know, more cold winter weather will be approaching.

We put together a "Winter Survival Guide" to keeping warm, cozy and safe this winter (especially for pregnant women!).

  • Always check the weather before leaving your house so you are not left unprepared, this is very important!
  • Make sure to wear appropriate attire that will keep you comfortable and warm but not restricting your movements. Wear layers of natural fabrics like wool, for example, will keep you very warm. 
  • Wearing layers will keep you warm and will help regulate your temperature if you are too hot , you can take a layers or two off.
  • Find a pair of flat winter boots that are comfortable to walk in, comfort over a fashion statement is best.
  • Dont forget your winter accessories! Gloves, hats, scarves and warm socks
  • Take the pressure off of your back by carrying less (yes that means lightening the load in your purse!) this will put less strain on your ligaments.
  • Avoid winter sports as there is a risk of injury BUT feel free to get out there with your kiddos and enjoy a nice snowball fight or build a snowman or snow angels.  Don't forget to be very mindful of your surroundings and avoid the outdoor play if it is icy.

  • Do not shovel or attempt to remove or clear snow, this involves to much stress on your back nd the twisting motion will leave you aching.
  • Take frequent naps (mini-hibernation) to keep your energy levels up.
  • Make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea or hot cocoa with marshmallows to warm your soul and the baby(s).
  • Carry lotions and balms with you to protect your skin, as cold weather causes extreme dry skin as does pregnancy! 
  • Applying moisturizer when getting out of the bath or shower will help rehydrate skin to prevent cracking.
  • Protect yourself from germs by having hand sanitizer with you and always washing your hands frequently. 
  • Last, but not lease, grab a nice cozy blanket, put your feet up, relax and enjoy some holidays movies TV.

Have a wonderful and safe winter season

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